The Sweeney Family

The Sweeney Family

The Sweeney family made an enormous contribution to music in the Clonmany area. Clement Mac Suibhne from Ardara south Donegal married Josie (Lavin) and began teaching music in the Malin school where he was principal and in Ballyliffen. Later Damhnait and Blaithin carried on this work through the 80s and 90s bringing through another generation of musicians. In west Inishowen a triving traditional music scene exists and familys such as the Mc Gonigles and Tolands have encouraged and ensured this tradition is alive. Currently the Inishowen Traditional singing circle is growing in popularity enjoying attention throughout countries with also a great culture of traditional singing, it has one of the biggest colections of english songs archived, visit the website

Today the fruits of teaching by the Sweeney family can be heard in a younger group of musicians such as Mary Doherty, the Mc Daid, and Devlin families passing on the tradition.

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