Edel McLaughlin Personal Collection

This poem was composed by Dinny McLaughlin after a visit to The Rosses School in 2013. Edel McLaughlin was the music teacher at the school during this time and invited Dinny and Clodagh Warnock to come in and perform for the students.

Memories on concert in the Rosses Community School, Dungloe

You lifted and moved my heart into a heavenly position.
Thanks to the young fellas who paid me with their pocket money.
And said “That’s for your music, song and craic”.
What a gift of love.
The girl students invited me to join them for several photographs.
For a second I became part of a great family.
Their beauty would turn Winter into a Summer’s day.
To their parents, teachers and this group of well-behaved students –
Plus all who are involved in this school,
May this joy of peace and harmony be carried in a breeze of love
To all humans throughout the world.