Ceolan School of Music

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Ceolan School of Music was set up in October 2010 by Clodagh Warnock and Roisin Mc Grory and  is a community initative for teaching music to children aged 6-18years. Our main focus is traditional music, and classes are held weekly in Moville in a range of instruments. Tuition is available in fiddle/whistle/accordion/banjo/mandolin/concertina/harp/traditional singing/piano and guitar accompaniment. We have high quality tutors that provide excellent tuition and guidance for the young students. Our class sizes are small for optimal teaching, and all teaching material is co-ordinated so that all types of instruments can come together and play the same tunes

We emphasize that children are able to play their music together, and although Ceolan school is still in its infancy, our pupils are already enjoying performing with other children their own age. To date we have had several concerts and communal sessions and look forward to a regular session next term for all our pupils.

Due to demand we have just recently started our adult classes and these are extremely popular

Ceolan is a non-profit making organisation and any funds that are raised are re-invested for the purchase of new instruments. These instruments are then available to be used by our pupils.

Contact Clodagh 0861522322



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