I neer shall wean’ her

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[box type=”bio”] Title Of Tune : I neer shall wean Catalogue Number : ITMP2012-1109 Transcribed By : ITMP Type: Jig Source of Tune : Recorded Date: 10/07/2012 [button type=”icon” icon=”download” newwindow=”yes” link=”Sound File “]Sound File[/button] [button type=”icon” icon=”paper” newwindow=”yes” link=”http://inishowenmusic.ie/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/I-ne’er-shall-wean.pdf”]Sheet Music[/button] [/box] [retweet]’


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Austrailian waters

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Title Of Tune : Austrailian waters Catalogue Number : ITMP2012-1099 Transcribed By : ITMP Type: Jig Source of Tune : Recorded Date: 10/07/2012  Download Sound File [button type=”icon” icon=”paper” newwindow=”yes” link=”http://inishowenmusicarchive.ie/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Austrailian-waters.pdf”]Sheet Music[/button]  [retweet]

Dark Inishowen

Dark Inishowen  

from the singing of Michael McGonigle (James Eoghain)


Ye lovers of beauty so fair and forlorn
So careless I wander so far from my home
I am off by the moonlight or the break of morning
I’ll be found in the mountains of dark Inishowen

I strayed ’round a place and they call it Clonmany
In search of a fair maid that I might adore
But a fair maid to love me I could not find any
From the Mindoran bridge to the Gap of Mamore

Adieu to the place where I once had a fair maid
No wonder when absent that I do make mourn
When I think of those green fields the haunts of that fair one
Sure I pine for my darling in dark Inishowen

At night when sleeping in my dreams I caress her
Sure I feel as happy as when I was home
When I speak to the vision that bids me caress her
To a bosom that’s pining in dark Inishowen

Well it’s now I am stationed in the County Fermanagh
Far away from that cottage that I call my own
And if I go back it will be for to wed her
And I’ll live with my darling in dark Inishowen

Well it’s many’s the day since I last saw her dwelling
When I think of that cabin I might never see no more
Sure I’ll walk round that wild bay where the wild seas are rolling
From the Tullagh’s black rocks to the gap of Mamore


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Title Of Tune : Coperplate

Catalogue Number : ITMP2012-1095

Transcribed By : ITMP

Type: Reel

Source of Tune : Roisin Harrigan

Recorded Date: 24/04/2012

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